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Village Hall Room Booking Form
Use our Village Hall Booking Form template to easily get online room hire bookings from your community. You can customize every field and entry in the form, add you can also add your own terms and conditions. At the end of the form, your hirer will be asked to provide an e-signature to accept your hire terms.

Your Booking

Please enter your event information below.
An extra charge or deposit may be requested.

Date and Time

Please include time for setting up your event and cleaning at the end.
Room hire is available on Thursdays and weekends.
Room hire is available on Thursdays and weekends.


I agree to treat the equipment within the room with care and leave the facilities clean and tidy, including washing any crockery or cutlery.
I understand that the named hirer must collect the room key before the event and return it to more than 1 hour after the end time.